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Brown & Lowe Books is a boutique publisher located in Springfield, VA.
Brown & Lowe publishes children’s books that inspire young minds to explore the world.
At Brown & Lowe Books, proceeds from Black Bear Sled Dog books support rehoming retired sled dogs! So even if you can't adopt a sled dog, you can buy a book and help a retired dog find its perfect forever home.

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"Wow!!! Love, love, love the story, the artwork and rhymes. Just beautiful."

- Theresa L.

"I love this story so much! This is the cutest book!!!"

- Bernita O.

"...A thoroughly charming picture book story that will have a very special appeal for children ages 5-8, "Black Bear Goes to Washington" is an especially recommended addition to family, elementary school, and community library Pets/Wildlife picture book collections for young readers."
February 2019 edition of the Midwest Book Review: Children's Bookwatch
"...A thoroughly charming, engagingly entertaining, and thoroughly 'kid friendly' in tone and tenor, "Black Bear Goes to San Francisco" will prove to be a welcome addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections..."
December 2019 edition of the Midwest Book Review: Children's Bookwatch
"Part of the Black Bear Sled Dog series, Black Bear Saves Christmas: Another Black Bear Sled Dog Adventure is a rhyming picturebook about a hard-working, dark-furred Alaskan sled dog lead named Black Bear. Striking, colorfully painted illustrations bring to life this celebration of hard-working, four-footed sled dogs...A final page of dog sledding facts and special terms rounds out this excellent, read-aloud picturebook for storytime or bedtime."
January 2020 edition of the Midwest Book Review: Children's Bookwatch
Black Bear Goes to San Francisco wins first Runner-Up in the San Francisco Book Festival!
Black Bear Goes to Bangor to Find Beaver wins Honorable Mention in the 2021 New England Book Festival!

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Press Release - November, 2019

Press Release - November, 2019

Last month, Denise Lawson had the opportunity to work with kids from Boys & Girls Clubs of America in D.C. and Philadelphia as part of the premiere showing of the movie, The Great Alaskan Race. The movie chronicles the story of the Great Serum Run in 1925 when sled dogs were used to deliver the diphtheria antitoxin to the children of Nome, Alaska. To introduce the movie, Denise read Black Bear Goes to Washington (a book she wrote about one of her retired sled dogs), and talked to the kids about the real challenges of dog sledding. She also brought her retired sled dogs to meet the kids.
From Denise: "It was truly a unique opportunity to introduce these inner-city boys and girls to some real sled dogs and to share my personal experiences from Alaska. I did some hands-on activities with the kids, including teaching them basic mushing commands with the kids lined up like a sled dog team. Many of the kids had misconceptions about sled dogs being aggressive and scary based on what they have seen on TV or in movies. The dogs did a wonderful job of showing the kids that sled dogs can be very calm and gentle. Afterward, I donated copies of the book to each center."
The Morning Mojo show on WCNI radio interviewed Denise about her book and volunteering at the Boys & Girls Clubs:

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